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Online Personal Assistant: 4 Ways Having One Will Save Time.

Online Personal Assistant: 4 Ways Having One Will Save Time.

Running a small business is
hard. Really
hard. You start small, just making enough to cover the bills, and it starts
to grow. Great! Who doesn’t want their business to grow? Things are going well;
you’ve got something you could be doing literally
any time of the day. But then you realise that you haven’t had a full day off
since New Year, and there’s no sign of that changing. Sure, you feel like a
legitimate entrepreneur – this is how they told you it should be when you start
out – but you don’t feel like a smart
entrepreneur. Taking an evening away or even, god forbid, the gym shouldn’t feel like a treat.

Things Have Got To Change

You need help – but you
don’t want to take on a full-time employee, you just
need someone to throw the things that really
don’t need your attention. Enter the
superhero – well, the virtual assistant. Below are five ways hiring a virtual assistant will change your life, or at least
give you it back.

#1 An Online Personal Assistant Will Give You Time

Time isn’t usually something you can buy, but in this case, you can. As a small business owner you’ve likely spent time doing everything you can yourself to save money. A virtual assistant will attack all those small tasks you really shouldn’t be doing.

#2 They May Have Skills You Don’t

You started your own
business, so you’re obviously a
resourceful and dedicated person, but it may be time to realise that not everything will be done best if it’s done by you. Many virtual assistants
(including myself) have come from other careers and have extensive marketing or
web development knowledge.

#3 They Can Be Your Project Manager

If you’ve been working with
a list of freelancers as long as your arm, you may be sick to death of figuring
out which ones are worth working with again and fielding too many questions
from or chasing the ones who aren’t. When you have an online personal assistant
they can also manage your projects and do all of the time consuming back and
forth and chasing you may need to do, so you can focus on what’s important.

#4 You’ll Save Money

How? Well, you aren’t paying for a full-time employee with taxes and benefits, for a start. You also don’t need to provide them with somewhere to work. Beyond the obvious, you’ve also got to remember that your own time is worth a lot of money and should be focused on the things that bring revenue into the business and the skills or products people are paying you for, not ensuring your Linkedin posts go out on time every day.

If you ready to stop doing everything alone and take on some professional, easy-to-hire help, then you need an online personal assistant, and if you’re in the UK having someone in your time-zone will give you someone available during your workday. Interested? I bet. You can view our rates here or contact us to get started ASAP.


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