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How To Find Your First Clients: The Most Effective Ways!

How to find your first clients: the most effective ways!

The excitement of starting a new business is always great. However, you must set things up in the correct way. As well as the registration, structure, legal and administration set-up of your company you need to make sure you are ready to deliver your services and products, so that your clients will have a smooth and rewarding customer journey.

Ok – Having set up your new business you’re now chomping at the bit to get going except for one very important element, how to find your first clients ??? Whether you are setting up a business from home alone or with partners and office space, clients will always form the most important part of making your business grow.

So, let’s check out my few tips and tricks to land those new clients for your dream business.

Prospecting and marketing are not enough to win business

It’s considered that marketing is the core of any new business. And, most entrepreneurs give it their all when it comes to marketing and advertising of their product. Many regard marketing as the only way of getting new clients. But, that is not the case. Clients always look around for proven track records and value before engaging or buying from a new business. Unless you have previous great customer ratings or a highly desired niche product or service, you will find it difficult to be effective in winning new clients for your business through marketing alone.

So, although marketing is important also look around for smaller and local clients who you can at least start off your journey with, offering a more personal and value for money service. From this, you can then start to build trust and start recording your successful customer experiences in future marketing and through your website. No big company started off with big clients from the very first day. Give your company time to evolve on its own, as it will be a big learning experience.

Getting involved in the business community

Getting involved with the business community is the best thing that you can do for getting new clients. Try to attend each and every local business community event, where you will surely fish out some prospective clients. Attend seminars and presentations, and make sure you have plenty of business cards. Join online business communities and engage with them on a regular basis. Join LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups that have similar interests as you. Look around for those who started just like you and try to seek their help. You can also offer them your services, which in turn can provide you with some of their clients also.

Getting involved in your own community

Most people like to do business with people they know and feel they can rely upon. You can kick off some great business deals at your local sports ground where several other parents come along with their children or via the relationship you have formed in your volunteer organisation. You can easily gain some good clients from your yoga or gym class by letting them know you are starting a business from home. Get the word out locally by letting the people you know about your services or products. As they know you in person they will feel more confident in using your company and making future recommendations to their friends and family.

Collaborating with the enemy

In the harsh world of competition today, if you view each and every competitor as your enemy, then you may never excel in the world of business. Try communicating with your competitors. They may have areas of weakness in their services that you have strengths in, and some might give you their surplus clients, as they cannot manage them all on their own. Working in close corporation with your competitors might help you out in getting new clients and you can also gain some new business knowledge and insights from them that you would otherwise may never have.

Obviously caution should be taken when engaging with competitors. So, make sure you protect your own intellectual property and customer base. Don’t give too much away!

Try to optimize your business website

The easiest way of getting clients is to optimize your business website with solid SEO oriented content, topics and articles. It can really help in gathering viewers and new leads for your business. Try to find out what the demands of the clients in your area of business are and try incorporating those aspects into your website with SEO optimized topics. In this way, you can get clients faster than ever.

So, these are just a few brief pointers for winning your new clients. I would strongly advise delving much deeper into each step to make a success of your new dream business, good luck!

If you would like to know more on how to find your first clients or have a question visit my website and drop me a message.

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