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Free Up Your Time And Use Mine

Running a small business is not easy! As it scales up so does the demand on your time dealing with non-strategic work functions. Employing full-time staff can be costly with wages, office space and equipment to think about. However, did you know you can outsource your jobs by hiring a UK virtual assistant? Giving you back the time to focus your energies on client management and steering your business in the right direction.

"By delegating non-strategic business functions to me, you can focus on the bigger picture”

Download my COST COMPARISON PDF above or click here to view below

Uk Virtual Assistant: Cost Comparison Table

Why Choose Me As Your UK Virtual Assistant?

Rocky O'Leary: UK Virtual Assistant
Want to grow your business? Rocky O’Leary: UK Virtual Assistant
I have over 20 years’ management experience working for large marketing corporations to small tech enterprises. This has allowed me to gain and develop many skills. Of these, I especially focused on; marketing, social media, branding, administrative, business planning & operations.
Now, as a remote business support provider the knowledge I have gained has allowed me to help maximise new opportunities for my clients. Therefore, helping them save time, work better and grow faster.

What really matters to you?

I have owned and successfully run my own small businesses. Therefore, I’m very aware of the pitfalls of trying to do everything myself. That is to say, we can all get caught up in the detail, leading to stress and neglecting what really matters to succeed. For instance, can you say yes to any of the following?:

  • I want to earn more money but I’m limited by how many hours I can work.
  • I’m at capacity but keep receiving enquiries.
  • I want to expand my business but don’t want to hire an employee.
  • I turn down work because I don’t have the skills or the time required to learn them.
  • I want to provide an admin service for my clients when I’m out of the office, sick or on holiday.

If you’re a small enterprise looking to grow your business, then it may be time to take on a UK virtual Assistant. By outsourcing critical business support jobs  you can achieve your goals and have the space you need to grow.

UK Virtual Assistant: small business services uk. social media services.
Virtual Assistant Management You Can Rely On
If you are looking for a trusted and intuitive UK virtual assistant you can rely on, I promise to deliver this for you. Here are some of my clients recent work reviews.

Responsive Support

Above all, I am highly responsive to a diverse range of administrative needs, specialising in supporting small business owners. Especially in the areas of administration, marketing, creative, research, planning, social media and much more.

My Services

Use the button below to view my virtual services. Also, you may want to view some frequently asked questions here.

Make the right choice for your business

Since working as a virtual assistant, I have provided support to a range of small businesses from; media and advertising, property developers, tech companies and freelance photographers. All of which, have their own challenges to solve, and each with different daily, weekly or monthly ongoing and necessary tasks they need help with.


Having the ability to work virtually gives me, and the client, the flexibility to work together from any location in the UK, or indeed the world!
To illustrate, The skill bar below shows the most commonly used virtual assistant services I provide my clients all over the UK. 

Web Design
Project Management
Business planning

I work to the highest standards. As a result, I believe that’s why my clients keep returning.

Customer Support

I offer support by using either sms, email, phone, or by your most preferred method.


I understand the importance of being flexible and will always try to accommodate my clients.


Below are just some of the clients I have worked together with recently.

What my clients have to say
The Man In The Woods: Helen Johnston Testimonial

''The Man In The Woods did everything – with almost no time or effort for me! At Cedar we have such tight deadlines that I need to work with super…read more

Helen Johnston
Cedar Communications
UK Virtual Assistant: John Rowley, Rocky O'Leary Testimonial

For John Rowley Photography, The man in the woods have been invaluable. He is sharp, efficient, totally reliable and always cheerful. Also, Rocky was always one step ahead of me, knowing…read more

John Rowley
John Rowley
UK Virtual Assistant: Rocky's Services Testimonial
Rocky has created some fantastic marketing materials for us, always within the committed deadline. He is an experienced and creative professional.…read more
UK Virtual Assistant: Michael Hayward Profile Image Natures Secret

Rocky just produced some branding and product concepts for our new Colloidal Silver product range. He made our contact with him very easy and positive. Also, he answered the brief brilliantly.…read more

Michael Hayward
Optimised Energetics

“I have happy clients, rewarding projects and I go to work with a smile on my face”

Want to work with me as your UK virtual assistant?

Why not get in touch for an initial discussion regarding you current virtual assistant service requirements. Don’t forget to check out my blog for some great information and tips.

m: 07375 939306    p: 01892 888296

Pre-Task Questions?

Have a question about your task? Just ask! Leave me a comment and I’ll get back as soon as I can.


I welcome any and all suggestions, so leave me a comment and I will consider it for a future update.

Need Support?

If you find you need support buy don’t know what to do about it. Then send me a message so I can help.

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